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Naturally protects dogs, puppies, cats and kittens

Holistic Pet Collar offers a revolutionary approach to protecting your pet from fleas and ticks without toxic pesticides, no chemicals squeeze-ons, no poisons sprays or topical unhealthy application of any kind. Voted number #1 for nature's protection on best organic and non-toxic dog or cat flea and tick collars by veterinary.answers.com  

Naturally protects your family, dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.

Since, 1990 Holistic Family and Pets has been producing the amazing Medipatch Pet Collar. The only collar in the world that helps promotes natural scents which defends the system against fleas and ticks. The collars are safe, no pesticides, and chemical-free way to keep harmful pests off your pet. In, addition the collar will help boost the immune system naturally warding off fleas and ticks. “Miracle Pet Collar” named by Board and Groom and "Wonder Pet Collar" named by Natural Pet, two National Pet Magazines.

Maintains A Miracle No Poison Barrier Naturally

• Strengthens the Immune System • Absolutely Non-Toxic • 100% Natural Protection from Fleas and Ticks • Long Lasting – for up to (6) Months • Waterproof and Sturdy • Pet Collar Sizes are Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

Choose pet size; Cat (15) inches or less, small dog (15) inches or less, medium dog (22) inches or less, large dog (28) inches or less and X large dog (35) inches or less. Each collar size can be adjustable to the pets neck size by adjusting one end for a comfortable fit.


Holistic Flea and Tick Non Buckle Collar


 Holistic Flea and Tick Non Buckle Collar

 Collar are 5/8 inch wide, sticks to itself Velcro.

(1 Pair) Two Collars Price $24.99


 Holistic Flea and Tick Non Buckle Collar

Single Collar Price $15.99


Holistic Flea and Tick Pet Collar with Buckle

Holistic Flea and Tick Pet Collars with Buckles
When ordering: specify color choice 
(1 pair) Two Collars Price $29.99


Holistic Flea and Tick Pet Collar with Buckle Single Collar Price $19.99 P&H


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Holistic Flea and Tick Defense Pet Spray

Price Pet Defense Spray $14.99

Holistic Flea and Tick Spray for pets has never been easier. For effective and natural repellent for your beloved pets use holistic defense flea and tick spray for those insects that are a nuisance for everyone in the family, but especially for our loving furry companions. Kittens, cats, puppies and dogs can’t protect themselves and they rely on us to keep them safe from pests. Fortunately, there is a safe and effective alternative to repel fleas and ticks. Ingredients; Calendula, Silica, Cayenne, Fleabane, Cinnamon, Red Cedar, White Pine, Aloe, Vitamin E, and Graphite’s. No scent.

Natural spray kit includes; spray bottle and (6) months defense remedy supply. Directions for Use – Spray soft gentle mist directly over the entire pet’s body and fur.

Furever Flea-Free

Furever Flea-Free Price $12.99

Dog and Cat

If, you have been battling fleas for several days or months and have tried everything, this remedy is truly a natural flea cure. You will be simply amazed how the flea cycle will final end. Direction use- Place (4-5) sunflower drops on a flea comb and place the comb on your pets neck brushing to tail, once a week for four weeks. How this remedy works- sunflower seeds ingredients is distasteful and irritating to the fleas. In, addition the natural sunflower vitamin E restores pet's skin back to normal. The sunflower seed is the fruit of the sunflower (Helianthus annuus) which is Vitamin E. A natural flea relief for your pet not to be itching and scathing from the painful flea bites. Furever Flea-Free kit includes; (2) oz. Amber glass bottle with 30 day sunflower remedy.

The collar provides non-toxic protection, safe, effective, and pesticide free guard to defend off the pests. They are made from a natural blend of ingredients which work collectively to create a protective barrier to fleas and ticks as well as immune builder. Owners claim the collars help to prevent itching, scratching, give their pet’s glossy coats, help strengthen their immune systems, improve stamina, emotionally stronger, increase health and accelerate the natural healing process. The collar can only be used on one pet at a time because it synchronizes with the pet’s physical body and works directly improving a healthy immune system.

The Problem; toxic conventional flea and tick products contain poisonous substances that are hazardous to the health of your pet. Pesticides based spot on flea and tick treatments have caused so many adverse reactions that they have been investigated by Environmental Protection Agency. Please say “NO” to toxic chemicals that are extremely harmful. Never use insecticides on your pet. Despite the manufacturers' claims of safety, it will cause many problems, quite serious with these products.

Money Back Guarantee: We are very confident that the Holistic Flea and Tick Pet Collar is effective and will keep harmful pests off your pet. 100% money back (30) day guarantee excluding shipping cost. Please follow the instructions carefully and allow three full weeks for the collar to work. If, the animal is truly holistic and still fighting fleas or ticks or both pests, consult with Dr. Blake Holistic Veterinarian for the animal might have a deeper problem.

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